MSR 145WD – Wireless Data Logger with BLE, Display and MSR SmartCloud

With the new MSR 145WD, wireless monitoring of measurement data and rapid reading becomes an easy task. The mini-logger is equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy and a bright OLED graphic display. The optional web-based MSR SmartCloud is ideal for data monitoring from any location.

The BLE wireless radio link is particularly advantageous for applications that require monitoring of measured data from locations that are difficult to access, such as machine rotations. BLE allows the user immediate data visualisation irrespective of the location. You can recall the measured values on your smartphone and receive alarm messages via the MSR SmartCloud. You can share the data of multiple MSR145WD with your team at any time.

Fast readings of measured values – MSR 145WD with brilliant OLED colour display

For a compact representation of data and graphic charts, your MSR145WD is equipped with a colour OLED display. The high screen resolution facilitates easy reading of measured values, even in total darkness and from virtually any viewing angle. The display is switched on and off manually; the desired display data can be configured in the MSR PC software.

With a few clicks you are able to select and request a no-obligation quotation of your desired MSR145WD. Please click here to follow the link to the configuration page on the MSR server or call us on 0422 350 956 and we will assist you to find the correct data logger for your application.