SENSORS AUSTRALIA is a Brisbane-based company distributing high quality Swiss products.  We are an agent for Dimetix, MSR and Kabex.  Sensors Australia is able to provide pre-sales advice and ongoing after-sale support.  We aim to provide the right product to meet the individual needs of our customers.

Dimetix develops and manufactures contactless, stand-alone operation laser distance measurement sensors.  Due to their state of the art laser technology it is possible to measure up to 500m with a unique precision of 1mm.  Dimetix offers a variety of interfaces including Standard (1 serial interface RS-232/RS-422 or SSI, 1 analogue output 0/4 … 20 mA programmable, 3 digital outputs with 2 programmable and 1 error display, 1 digital input for external trigger) and Optional (Profibus).  The sensors operate on a wide range of supply voltage.  Software is free of charge.


MSR develops and manufactures stand-alone data loggers for a wide range of applications and are ideal for long-term measurements.  These data loggers can be configured to the needs of the customer, for example to monitor temperature, humidity, pressure, light, acceleration/attitude, and can be equipped with the optional SmartCloud service for mobile data monitoring.  They have a memory capacity for over two million measurements with an optional SD card for over one billion measurement values.  Software is free of charge.

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The Kabex hot marking system provides quality in marking cables and flat parts.  It offers abrasion resistant and oil-proof markings, with rapid setting of the code, and rapid exchange of marking wheels.  It also ensures the best legibility thanks to the precise positioning of the parts to be marked.  This system can be used with bench attachment or hand-held.


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