NEW Dimetix D-Series – smaller. lighter. faster.

Dimetix offers for applications where long distances with high accuracy and speed must be measured the new D-series range of laser distance sensors. With the D-Series we can measure distances from 0 up to 500 meters with an accuracy of ± 1 mm and with a repeat accuracy of ± 0.3 mm. These values ​​also apply to measurements on natural surfaces at distances up to 100 m – even with black targets and direct sunlight. The maximum measuring speed is up to 250 Hz. All these advantages can be used by users over a wide temperature range from -40 to +60°C. The results of the measurements are made available via various interfaces. As standard, an analogue output 0/4 … 20 mA, serial interfaces as well as digital inputs and outputs are integrated. Other real-time interfaces are available as options. The interfaces and functions can be configured according to individual requirements. Typical areas of application are found in high-bay warehouses in logistics, mining applications as well as in the machine industry or in geodesy.