MSR 165 – Shock and vibration data logger

The MSR165 is ideal for transportation monitoring, fault diagnoses and load tests. This robust logger is capable of taking 1600 acceleration measurements per second in all three axes for up to five years. Shock monitoring is possible up to ±15 g or up to ±200 g, 32 measurement values are recorded even before the event takes place.

Ideal for long term measurements

The MSR165 has extremely low power requirements. With the lithium-polymer battery (900 mAh) you can monitor shocks for up to six months, with replaceable Li-SOCl2 batteries even for up to five years. The MSR power pack, which can be ordered separately, is another option to increase the recording period: The autonomous charging station recharges the internal battery of the data logger during operation, allowing you to record data for up to six times longer.

The basic specification of the MSR165 data logger includes a high resolution 3-axis acceleration sensor with a working range of either ±15 g or ±200 g. In addition to the acceleration, you can also record temperature, humidity, air pressure, light and four analogue input signals.

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